How to enter

Now all you have to do is submit the actual entry, here's how...

1. Head to 'My Account' via the main menu > ‘Dashboard’ and 'Create Account' you will then receive an email from, which you will need to confirm to activate the account.

2. Now head back to 'My Account' and sign in.

You can view the categories here or via the menu, click ‘More info’ on the category for a drop-down description. 

Once you've decided on what category best suits your work, select each of them, you'll notice a pop up at the bottom of the screen and click 'Next'

Once you've picked your categories and clicked 'Next', you will be taken to your entry dashboard, now is the time to start filling in the online entry form.

Here's a breakdown of what each field requires. Please note that only fields with an asterisk* are mandatory, the others are optional.

  • Entry title* - this is the name of your entry and will be shown on the website, in the event of a nomination or win, give each entry a unique title to grab the judges' interest
  • Entrant name* - this should be the name of the person actually submitting the work, so we can contact you with important information regarding results and so on.
  • Company or team name - the name of the submitting company
  • Executive summary* - to give more context to your work 
  • Entry image* - at least one image is mandatory
  • Twitter handle - share your Twitter handle with us so we can use on our social channels and congratulate you
  • Entry video -  if you have a supporting video, as long as it's hosted on Youtube or Vimeo you can add it here 
  • Entry credits - to give credit to all parties that worked on the entry/creative 

We’d hate for you to lose your entry you’ve been working hard on, so make sure to save your entry along the way.

If you need a coffee break, you can save and come back to your entry at any time (before the official deadline that is).

Your entry can be found by logging back in via ‘My Account’ heading to ‘Dashboard’ > ‘In progress’.