Andy Jex
Andy Jex
chief creative officer

"You’re from Enfield. You should be pasting up the adverts, not writing them” said Andy’s Mum, many moons ago.    Eventually advertising found a place for Andy. That place happened to in Paddington, at BMP DDB. Luckily, the agency was in one of its golden eras. He however played no part in the agency’s greatness, but created work on VW, Walkers and Marmite that he actually still quite likes to this day.    Soon after, Fallon set up in London and made Andy and his long-term partner Rob Potts its first creatives. Whilst there they wrote populist work for the BBC, Skoda, Sony and Timex. Playing a key role in the rise of the hot shop.   

He later moved on to what became his spiritual home - Mother. Where he worked on Stella Artois, Coca Cola and managed to grow and win - awards, plaudits, effectiveness, you name it he won it. The “dehydrated-noodle-double” being a particular highlight when he managed to create iconic work for both Pot Noodle AND Supernoodles. All the while creating work that made himself proud, his Mum smile and Britain think again.   

His next step across London was to become ECD of Saatchi & Saatchi. Creating work on Toyota, Walls, Fridge Raiders and Carlsberg amongst others. He famously launched the new brand EE after the merger of Orange and T-Mobile. During this time, he’s won awards across the board except the one he’s most proud of is this recognition from his Mum:    “I hate adverts. Apart from the adverts Andy does” she said very recently.