What are the Chip Shop Awards? 

The Chip Shop Awards celebrate pure, unadulterated creativity.

Rather than have anyone bend or break the rules of more exacting awards schemes, we decided the industry needed a platform where anything and everything was allowed. Got a great campaign idea for a product that doesn’t yet exist? Enter it. Think you could improve an existing advert? Go for it. Got a concept for a brand you’d love to work for in the future? We want to see it.

Whatever you're capable of, don't hold back. 

Why are the awards called the Chip Shops? 

Back in the 80s, two young Manchester creatives were desperate to establish their reputation as serious ideas people. But you can't win awards without clients.

Then they hit on the idea of offering a s**t hot campaign to a local business for free, and as a result they were able to enter their work in D&AD, The Roses and the Campaign Awards. They walked away with more trophies than you could shake a stick at - and never looked back.  

That local business was Barnacles' Fish and Chip Shop and thanks to the collaboration, one of those creatives founded a hugely successful independent agency which they recently sold to an international network.

Soon after, these awards cottened on to this type of 'free' work for non paying clients and it became known as 'Chip Shop work'. 

Just goes to show how far a little imagination and innovation can take you. So fourteen years ago the Chip Shop Awards were born - named after the spirit of their enterprise, and it's proved increasingly popular ever since.


What does it cost to enter? 

Entry Price: First entry is £99 each additional entry is £65 (+ uk vat)
Freelance & Students: £49 each  (+ uk vat)

PLEASE NOTE: You will only receive the 2nd entry rate discount if you enter all your submissions at once. Otherwise you will be charged the full amount each time. Leave your entries in your basket until you are sure they are all complete.


When do I hear if I have been nominated?

The judging will take place in April. You will hear if you have TRUE. FREE. CLEVER. creativity in early May. Stay tuned to twitter and the website for the exact date.


How do I know if I have won and what do I win?

After the nominations have been announced you have the right to gloat if nominated. You have the right to show off to your friends and colleagues that top creative directors have deemed your work worthy of true and original creativity.

The winners will be announced on 7 June 2017 at Electric Brixton, London.  A night for socialising without the formality with like-minded people. So leave the suit at home and bring your best dirty jokes for a great night. Your ticket includes cracking entertainment, a chance to see all of the nominated work, meet some cool folk, the chance to maybe pick up a trophy and of course, bags of chips!

Winners (chips) pick up a chip trophy which looks great in an agency trophy cabinet or on your mantelpiece next to last week’s flowers and the picture of your gran.

Commended (Vinegars) win a vinegar trophy. Which is a bottle of vinegar with your name on it and credits to your work which looks great in an agency trophy cabinet or on your fireplace next to that weird ornament your great Aunt gave you and the droopy plant.

Date: Wednesday 7 June 2017
Venue: Electric Brixton
Time: 6.30pm – late
Dress code: Something cool. Or not cool. Whatever your preference.

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