Worried there won't be enough Chips to go round? Don't be. You can always buy extra copies of your prizes for everyone involved in your entry, which means avoiding those pesky ownership punch-ups.

You can buy:

  • Duplicate chip trophies
  • Duplicate vinegar trophies 
  • Finalist certificates

If you'd like to buy any of these, just complete the BOOKING FORM and send it back to us. 

Online badges!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we went a step further. That's right: this year all winners and finalists will given badges emblazoned with the Chip Shop sign of success. So everyone can know – without you having to say a word – how gifted and creative you truly are. Result.

If you fancy your chances and you'd like a badge of your very own should you be one of the lucky few, email and she'll make sure you get it. Or them. But we draw the line at sending a person to wear your badges for you.


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