On 13 June 2018 creatives gathered at the Electric Brixton for the The Chip Shop Awards where we celebrated pure, unadulterated creativity with no limits.

Rather than have anyone bend or break the rules of more exacting awards schemes, we decided the industry needed a platform where anything and everything was allowed.

A place where professionals, students or anyone for that matter can compete on a level playing field, because we know that the greatest ideas often come from the most unexpected places!

This years we seen Kastner and Partners take home more than one Chip including the Grand Prix for their Shelter campaign. C21 also took home several awards including the Chair's Award selected by Remco Graham for their work for University of Cambridge. 
We also seen Myongji University pick up two awards, one being the coveted Barnacles award taking home a coveted Chip as well as £1,000!

Read more about the awards heritage and why Barnacles inspired us here.

The awards will open again for entries in November so be sure to register your interest now.


It should be assumed The Chip Shop Award entries do not reflect the views, policies or strategies of any organisation living or dead.
In fact it has mostly been created without the knowledge of those the work purports to either promote or parody.